Alizée Baudet

Alizée has certainly lived a varied life. Besides travelling to countries like Patagonia and Australia, she has been singing, dancing and performing since she could walk. She joined her first choir when she was only 6, singing classical repertoire and later moving to contemporary performers such as Carmen from Bizet.  Being mentored by some of the greatest choir directors in all of France has contributed highly to her understanding and interpretation of artists of all genres.

 At the ripe old age of 8, she was selected as a dancer in the regional Conservatory of dance and Music, in the Conservatory of Paris network. Her love of ballet, modern and jazz dance became a major part of her life at that time and still holds true today.  

Alizée moved to Winnipeg when she was 13.  Shortly thereafter, she trained intensively at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School as well as continuing to take lessons with some of the most reputable music schools in the city. As a result, she garnered many performance awards notably for her vocal renditions of songs from Adele, Whitney Houston and Katy Perry.  She is now learning to play guitar and has joined the Jump Start Dance Band as one of the three lead female singers.

Alizée’s artistic and performing skills has contributed highly to the Jump Start Dance Band’s success as one of Winnipeg’s premiere dance bands. Add her pure soprano voice to the mix and you get young woman who can sing, dance, and deliver a truly memorable performance.   Worth your while to see her live!