Derek Hokanson

Derek is at home with any style of music, be it rock, pop, blues, jazz to up-tempo R&B, funk and dance. The past 20 years has given him the opportunity to play and sing for a variety of rock and pop bands including Renaissance Men, Orion, The Hitch and Stedfast.

An accomplished electric and acoustic guitar player is his own right, Derek plays the bass with the same finesse and articulation, experimenting with tones, harmonies and solo lines that is uniquely his.  

Derek’s distinctive style includes flawless time and intonation, combined with an affinity for electronic overtones and saturated, sustained lower bass notes. It’s an unmistakably unique sound perfectly aligned to the music and rhythms of an up-tempo funk dance group. 

As an educator, Derek has taught students of all ages. As president and founder of the newly-minted DH Music Academy, he oversees the company’s vision and future development and continues to teach, because he loves it. As a writer, he’s penned a book on music theory which will soon be available in print and on the company’s website.

Derek is the kind of musician and singer you want in a band.  Meticulous, musical, focussed, patient and really easy-going. Being a member of the Jump Start Dance Band is providing him now with the opportunity to excel in what he does best, playing live to an enthusiastic audience.