Draven Toews

Draven can often be found working in multiple different artistic mediums in the comfort of her home, spending time with friends, or going on “adventures” to photograph various landmarks and abandoned sites in Manitoba.

As a successful tattoo artist, Draven has etched her way into the hearts and minds of many musicians in Manitoba. Most of her skills were developed as a child surrounded by a mother was a tattoo artist in her own right and a father who was involved in multiple musical projects.

Draven began her musical career at an early age at home and on stage with her parents who were already accomplished singers and musicians.  As a result, she began writing her own songs and performing in various school productions which included singing, dancing, acting or a combination of the three.

Although she credits her parents for her love of music and the pursuit of the “band experience”, her involvement with The Music Cellar’s “Showcase” program was her first traditional exposure to being a vocalist in a band setting.

“After a meeting and some discussions with Phillipe Baudet involving a set list that included a lot of the songs that framed my life as a young adult (and just some old favourites), I was more than excited to add my experience and expertise to a project that has become dear to my heart.”

Don’t take our word for it.  Come by and see her perform live. You won’t be disappointed!