Karina Lawe

“I’ve got the music in me,” is an understatement when speaking about Karina Lawe. She lives and breathes singing and performing and has since she was a child.

“Since I’ve been able to talk I’ve been singing and making up songs. When I learned to read I would read signs and billboards and turn them into a song when I was the car with my family,” she states.  She participated in her school choir since kindergarten and was an active member of her High School Chamber choir for over a year, all of which prepared her for a variety of musical challenges including the vocal gymnastics required for the Jump Start Dance Band.

Her performances have turned into writing and recording her own material. “The singer / songwriter in me writes honestly about how I fit into this world and how it feels to live in my skin.” 

Her crystal clear voice and undeniable energetic live performance will provide you with a glimpse of what makes her tick. 

 “Music helps me step into new worlds, it gives my life meaning, it fuels me.”   Not to be missed!  You won’t be disappointed!

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