Krista Gerbrandt

Krista began her singing career at age of 10 as part of a vocal group in a local church choir. Her talent is rooted in a rich musical family history. Her grandmother was a famous Austrian opera singer and her uncle was a well-known, well-respected artist on the Winnipeg music scene in the late 60s and 70’s.

Krista’s love for jazz and blues led her to a more formal training in jazz theory and performance, which has served her well.  Besides her live performances, she shares her knowledge and experience as a worship leader at her local church working with a wide variety of musicians, singers and songwriters from all musical genres.

Krista is now looking to create her most personal and accomplished musical statement and seems to have found her niche in the Jump Start Dance Band. The funk R&B blues dance music has re-awakened her desire to perform and entertain. “This band is a really good reflection of where I am right now,” she says. “It provides me with some room to experiment and take my voice to the next level. My training in jazz has really helped in finding the opportunities to really shake things up.”

And shake things up she does. Using her finely attuned sensibilities to the subtle elements of voice projection and group harmony, Krista has captured the essence of what many consider to be an energized, well-honed, fiery performance. Don’t take our word for it.  Come by and see her perform live with the band. It’s well worth the visit!