Philippe Baudet

Having moved from France to Canada only eleven years ago, Philippe has not wasted a moment of his time. He started piano when he was 6, from classical training at the conservatory to jazz and pop when he was only 15. His mother was a concert pianist and instilled in Philippe a love for music and the arts, passions he has embraced all of his life.

Philippe launched his first jamming band when he was a teenager followed by a tour in his 20s with 10 musicians in a ball/party dance band. Soon thereafter he undertook 4 years of jazz including improvisation and arrangement at the Berkley Music School of Paris. He then toured with a Jazz Band for many years after that.

Philippe’s love of music progressed into  a real passion for studio recording. As a result, while still in his 30s, he built his own home studio where he began recording, producing and learning all the new related technologies from the best artists and technicians that France had to offer.

Since his move to Winnipeg, Philippe has taught at the college level as a professor in Business Administration. One of his marketing courses was entitled “New Technologies/Music/Photos” and soon became a very popular course.   His skills as a sound designer and engineer helped students embrace all aspects of music and the music industry including a more specialized approach to servicing a designated client base.

Growing up with the explosion of Funk and R&B in the 80’s, Philippe transferred his knowledge and skills to creating the right sounds and atmosphere for the new era of dance music. Besides handling all the keyboard duties, Philippe is also the band’s soundman.

Those who have had the good fortune to meet Philippe consider him to be enthusiastic, creative, funny, charming and outgoing. Who could ask for anything more?