Ron Lamoureux

Ron has traveled the globe as a photographer, musician, consultant, and entrepreneur. His interest in digital interactive media and music has provided him the opportunity to share his expertise as a consultant in diverse communities ranging from Rankin Inlet in Nunavut to Paris, (France), Berlin, (Germany), San Jose, (Costa Rica) and London, (England).

As a music producer, Ron was responsible for the production and distribution of many Canadian album projects, a few of which have garnered music awards. As a musician and songwriter, he has written and produced songs in English and in French, many of which have been played on Canadian radio and television. He also spent a good portion of his artist management career assisting new and unknown artists make their way through the music industry minefield. As a result, many of his protégés have gone on to be world-class international musicians and singer-songwriters.

Ron listens to jazz, world and folk music, is a fan of jazz and progressive rock concerts, writes pop, rock and R&B songs, and is currently honing his skills as the singer and guitar player for a local blues band.