Stephanie Demers

Described as “passionate,” “honest” and “a gem of a vocalist,” 22-year-old Stephanie has decided to share her talents as one of the two female vocalists in The Jump Start Dance Band.

Funk and dance are not the first things that come to mind when speaking of Stephanie’s background. A classically trained musician, Stephanie is an accomplished violinist and quite proficient with the trumpet.  That being said, she includes a lot of early R&B and contemporary pop in her music choices. “It was almost serendipitous when I was approached to be part of a group that performs a lot of the music that I listen to” she affirms.  

Stephanie’s alto voice is as much at home delivering luscious, breathy, sensuous overtones as it is in creating magical crescendos in some of the more up-tempo material.  Her pitch is perfect.  Her presence on stage is professional.  Her performance is all-encompassing.

Don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you.  Stephanie has the innate ability to take you on a fun-filled, exciting musical journey. Not to be missed.