Vaughn Smith

Vaughn is a veteran of the Winnipeg music scene dating back to the early 80s throughout the 90s and 00s where he played and toured Canada and the US with a variety of bands. As well as being a performing and recording musician, he has been a private music instructor (drums, guitar, bass and rock band) for 40 years, having started at the young age of 13.  Vaughn and his wife own The Music Cellar, one of Winnipeg’s longest and respected running musical schools. They also teach at their home-based music school, River Park South Music.

Vaughn’s original music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes and when he’s not providing the thumping backbeat on the drums in the Jump Start Dance Band, he can be found playing lead guitar in his other group, Joe Sixpack. Since retiring from his position as Editor-In-Chief of a popular gaming website and magazine, Vaughn enjoys hanging out in his “man cave” that was designed to look like a retro 80s arcade, which is conveniently attached to his home teaching/recording studio.

Whether he is reading charts, improvising, or working with click tracks, Vaughn is at home with any musical genre including rock, jazz, latin, funk, heavy metal, punk, blues, reggae, country, and progressive rock.

Vaughn has always been interested in playing live gigs, doing studio work, jamming with musicians, learning cover songs, or creating original music.  He appreciates and understands the complexities of relating to what the other band members are doing, so locking into their vibe is high on his list of priorities.

A drummer who is “in the pocket” at all times is a joy to watch. Vaughn belongs to that elite group. If you want to experience the performance of an inspired and connected drummer, make a point of seeing him live. It’s well worth the trip.